“Art plays an unknowing game with things. Just as a child at play imitates us, so we at play initiate the forces that created and are creating the world.” Paul Klee 1879- 1940

I did visual journaling as a child but didn’t discover my own voice until at 29, I began what has been called my signature style in black and white. I began this black and white discourse which was essentially an intuitive process. . My images were primitive at times and not identifiable at times in any measure of gender, race or culture. Recently, I was listening to words of Dominican writer Junot Diaz, (The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) who says everyone and particularly immigrant populations, “miss parts of most conversations for lack of comprehension”. It was apparent to me that I sought out a language that was simple and universal at the same time.

The images are always inspired. With the black and white series, the simplest forms spoke to my need for connection. The layering of color produced the ancestor series which connected me to my family and ancestors. In my most recent journey with Water I life , I realize the connection to the entire DNA that is encoded in my body. This painting has taken on the voice of our connection to each other and to the natural.